About Us

Heart Bar Farms is a family-run business. The proud owners, Kasey Kinkade and Paisley Phelps, built the farm from the ground up, beginning with six bare acres and developing it into a beautiful equestrian center. Everything at their farm was built with heart and pride.

Meet the Family

Paisley Phelps

Pasiley Phelps Paisley has 20 years of experience in the horse industry. She holds two Degrees of BSc in Equine Veterinary Science from Plumpton Agricultural College and Brighton University in England as well as her British Horse Society Instructor qualifications. Horses have taken Paisley all over the world. She has worked and competed throughout Europe, the Middle East, and the U.S.

In addition to training, Paisley is passionate about rehabbing injured horses. She has rehabbed many thoroughbreds for trainers including Bobby Frankel and Herrick Racing. Paisley enjoys spending every daylight hour with her horses, whether she’s bringing on a young horse, rehabbing injured horses, working with problem horses, training, or teaching.

Kasey Kinkade

Kasey Kinkade Kasey Kinkade is an American Farriers Association Certified Journeyman Farrier, and he is passionate about his job. Kasey strives to make horses sounder. He has been shoeing full time since 2003 and is qualified in equine biomechanics and podiatry.
His specialty is therapeutic shoeing, and he makes all of his horseshoes himself, beginning with a plain bar of steel. Kasey loves competing at horseshoeing competitions, riding his horse, and fly-fishing.


Kasey Kinkade Heart Bar Farms has one full time farm manager.
Alfredo is a very experienced horseman.
He is kind and has a great relationship with our horses. He is like family.

Alfredo puts his heart and pride into our farm.

The Greeting Crew

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