Heart Bar Foundation

Providing a path of life-time care for horses for their owners.

Our Purpose

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your horse if something happens to you? It is not as simple as "my spouse or friend will take care of them". There is a lot more to caring for a horse for a lifetime than just paying the board check. Who will really care for your horse on a daily basis and is there any guarantee that your horse will remain safe for his/her entire life?

This is why we created Heart Bar Foundation. Heart Bar Foundation, Inc. is a fully incorporated 501(c)(3) non-profit with the State of California. Each horse owner can set up a custom care plan for their horse’s future in the event of the owners’ death or disability. Lifetime care for your horse can vary from pasture retirement to full time training based on the wishes of the horse’s owner. The process is not hard and there is no upfront cost.

Heart Bar Foundation provides a path of life-time care for horses for their owners. It is solely a care policy put into place to ensure the wishes of a horse owner are seen through in a safe, secure, and loving environment for the remainder of the horse’s life.

The Foundation works with responsible owners to define and establish levels of care and treatment for their animals. ANY horse owner can plan ahead and provide lifetime care for their horse.

The Foundation works with Heart Bar Farms to ensure proper, professional and complete care for all horses entered in their program.

Please visit www.HeartBarFarms.com to see the farm, management and care. Care and lifetime management is funded through donations and from horse’s owners.