Cute ponies

Heart Bar Farms is a secure, clean, and friendly facility where the owners live onsite. It is conveniently located just minutes from the I-15 freeway. You do not have to be in a training program to board your horse at Heart Bar Farms. We offer several different housing options for horses, including enclosed oversized brick barn stalls with outside runs, a spacious mare motel, lay-up stalls, and pastures. Heart Bar Farms is an all-inclusive facility that does not charge for “extras” when it comes to caring for your horse.

Boarding options include:

  • Full care layup and rehabilitation
  • Training boarding
  • Retirement pastures
  • Mare and foal boarding
  • Weanling boarding
  • Pasture boarding
  • Broodmare & Foaling boarding
Tack sheds
Paisley is very professional, kind and knowledgable. I trust her with the multiple layup horses we keep at her facility. Day or night, she cares for the horses and does what's best.

- Natalie R.